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Alokhodro tries to satisfy its customers with 24-hour support.


To create a sense of security, Alokhodro has prepared all kinds of insurance for all the cars of this company.

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Dear customer, you can receive your car all over our dear country.

Instant delivery

Alokhodro has the advantage of immediate and easy delivery.

لوگو الو خودرو

Why choose Alokhodro?

Alokhodro is an official and registered company
Integrated and regular management system
Easy and fast delivery
Providing new and domestic cars
24-hour repair and support services
All cars are owned by the registered company
The variety of Iranian cars and modern cars of the world
Professional and experienced human resources

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The most frequently asked questions about car rental

What conditions should the lessee have?

The renter only needs to be at least 20 years old and have a driver's license and easily rent the desired car by providing the required documents.