Required documents for car rental

Required documents for renting a car for Iranian citizens

Driving licence : The renter must have a valid driver's license with at least 6 months remaining.

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Required documents for renting a car for foreign nationals

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Deposit conditions and types

وکتور گاو صندق

Deposit in car rental :

Deposit or security deposit is an amount that the renter deposits with the company as collateral until the car is returned. As mentioned, this amount is held as collateral by us and will be returned to you at the same time if the car is returned in the same condition as when it was delivered.

The amount of deposit in car rental :

The deposit amount varies for each car, for information about this amount please refer to the car page.

Types of Deposits in Car Rental:

AloKhodro has introduced various deposit options for the convenience of its customers, so that they can still use our services even if they do not wish to provide cash as a deposit for any reason.

Cash : The deposit amount is collected in cash upon delivery of the vehicle at the time of payment of the rental fee.

Currency : Deposit can also be paid in foreign currency, by depositing the equivalent amount of dollars, euros, etc. as collateral with us, which will be returned in the same form upon return.

Gold : You can deposit your gold at the value of the desired car deposit and receive the same gold at the time of return.

Car violation :

A small amount of the deposit remains with us for two weeks after the return of the car for possible irregularities.